Helping Busy Parents and Working Professionals Train Through the Noise of Life

Whether you are a new runner, exercise enthusiast, or are in training mode for your next race, I have the program for you. My training plans, programs, and bootcamps are 100% customized and designed to help you achieve your running and fitness goals.   I utilize a REALISTIC goal setting approach and a positive approach that is crucial to keep you staying injury free and maximize your true potential.  As your coach, I will design a customized training schedule that works with your life and your goals. Whether you’re training for your first 5k or want to shave minutes off your marathon or half marathon PR, I can help meet your goals.

The purpose of coaching is to take you further in your training than you can take yourself. Here are some examples:

  • Complete access to all training lessons, running plans, strength training workouts, and access to our member community. Get ready for your first half or full marathon, or ultra!
  • Run further.  Safely train for mileage increases while minimizing injuries.
  • Run faster.  Achieve a personal record (PR) or Boston qualifying time.
  • Get your fitness back.  Systematically build your fitness to its pre-baby or pre-injury level.
  • Run more efficiently.  Fine tune your nutrition, fueling, and form.
  • Implementation of race day strategy.  I will help you evaluate the race day course and formulate a solid plan for getting through the tough parts of your marathon.
  • Stay accountable.  Develop positive habits in your running by regular communication with your coach.

I have over 15 years experience in racing events from 1 mile races to marathons, and am Run-Fit and RRCA certified.  My clients have participated in various endurance sports including duathlons, triathlons, road bike races, marathons, and ultras.  If you are looking to take your racing to the next level or are looking to get into shape for your first race, I can help.

I understand the struggle of  balancing the demands of full-time training with the daily hustle and grind of work-life and parenting. I will work with your busy schedule in order to optimize your running needs and goals.

Take the “fluff” out of your run planning, while you join our community of runners and train smarter and stronger than ever before.

  • Run training plan with detailed description of workouts – duration/distance, intensity/pace – preference of number of days/week running, long run days, and rest days.
  • Goal planning with a coach
  • Shared spreadsheet with run log and analytics
  • Dynamic Warm-ups
  • Strength-training workouts (at a gym or at home)
  • Cool Down Stretching routines
  • Race day warm-up & race plan
  • Flexible, maintainable meal plan
  • Private online running community
  • Daily training and encouragement

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Lisa Tucker

The best decision I made after signing up for my first marathon was choosing Lauren to help me reach my goal! The individual training plan Lauren created for me after an in-depth “interview” was amazing.   Geared to my own goals, time and lifestyle, my training schedule was realistic and thorough.

While the personal written plan was more valuable than any generic internet search, having Lauren just a text, email or phone call away, just to calm my nerves, talk me down from over thinking or support me with nutrition concerns was the real value of her support.   I’m proud to say, I completed my first marathon this past November 2016, surpassing my own goal expectations and without injury.   While I know, I put in the sometimes difficult physical work to reach my goal, having Lauren on my “team” made it effortless.

Lisa Tucker


Allison Minerva Testimonial

The book is fantastic. You also know you are taking time management advice from someone who has to be a pro at it-Lauren–she is the mother of 2 girls, wife, & works full-time but still makes eating well and running a priority.  It’s nice to get tips from someone who has proven they have worked in their own life.  Time Management Tips for Runners

Ali headshot

April Turner Testimonial

This Ebook was amazing!!! A lot of content and pictures. Love the table of contents!  Love the fruit weights and vegetables shoes, attention getter. Assembled real nice. Five stars!  Time Management Tips for RunnersApril head shot

Stefanie McCarthy Testimonial

I have gone through every single one of Lauren’s programs and running academies and have become a smarter and more focused runner over the past 2 years.  I was actually able to run my first marathon in over 10 years (Coastal Delaware Running Festival) this past spring and finished the race injury free.  Online Running ClubStef Headshot

Jesse Marens Testimonial

I ran my 4th half marathon (today) and PR’d by over 2 minutes!! I really think that LAUREN’S customized training plan I’m following to train for my first marathon is really making a difference. I’m so glad I found this academy!! Half Marathon Training Academy

Ali headshot

Anne Trieb Testimonial

I want to give a shout out to Kelli Tobin and Lauren Boldizar. I have been doing these (online) boot camps since March. Initially I lost inches but not much weight. However after staying true to the course and faithfully doing to workouts, I have finally lost 15 pounds. I still struggle mentally at times with getting up to workout but I know that I feel so much better about my day after I have done the workout. Thanks for all the workouts, motivation, recipes, and for me most of all accountability! HIIT Bootcamp

Run Smarter Package

Do you need more guidance and accountability to accomplish your running goals? Does a customized training program to optimize your busy schedule appeal to you as you train for your next race? When you invest in this package you will receive a custom running program, access to a private online group of runners, and one personalized consult per month. This package also comes with a custom nutrition plan, grocery and meal prep lists, along with daily training and encouragement. If you are looking to step up your run game and train smarter, this is the package for you!


Run Smart Package

Are you looking for a custom training plan that fits with your busy schedule? Are you looking to train for a half-marathon, full-marathon, or an ultra? Are you a triathlete who is struggling with your run training? If so, this package is a perfect fit for you. I will create a personalized program unique to your run goals and busy schedule. I will review your program and we will touch base via phone or video chat initially to help you accelerate your progress and results. This package includes a higher level of accountability. I design you plan and you execute it. If you thrive with a high level of accountability but are looking for the how and why to train smart, then this package is for you!


VIP Run Coaching

Run training plan with detailed description of workouts – duration/distance, intensity/pace – preference of number of days/week running, long run days, and rest days.

  • Shared spreadsheet with run log and analytics to track your training process or other preferred tracking source
  • Online access to a private community of runners
  • Bi-weekly meetings (Google chat, Skype, or FaceTime with your run coach (45 mins)
  • Unlimited email communication with your coach.
  • Assistance with nutrition and dietary planning.
  • Group runs (local clients in NJ/PA) once a month.
  • Future Race Day Prep

50$ start up fee.


Individualized or One-On-One Run Coaching

This coaching is designed to give you more communication and feedback throughout your training. This plan includes monthly check ins via in person (local clients only), phone, email, google chat, or FaceTime about your training and I would update and change your training plan as needed based on your performance and feedback at the end of each week.

It includes:

  • Initial 60 minute consultation (via phone or email based on your convenience)
  • Eval of current running history and future run goals
  • Run training plan with detailed description of workouts – duration/distance, intensity/pace – preference of number of days/week running, long run days, and rest days.
  • 1 weekly check in via email to assess current run training
  • Shared spreadsheet with run log and analytics to track your training process or other preferred tracking source
  • Optimal local routes for specific runs (*optional for local clients in South Jersey and Philadelphia suburbs)


Basic Run Coaching Training Plan

After an initial consultation (via phone or email), I will design a running plan specifically for you. This plan does NOT include ongoing “coaching” services. This plan is created for you at the start of training and you execute it.

It includes:

  • Initial consultation
  • Assess future race/training goals
  • A complete individualized training plan for the training season, with detailed workout descriptions – duration/distance, intensity/pace) – based on preference of number of days/week running, long run days, and rest days.