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Being a parent with young kids is really hard most days. Frequently, the days fill up so quickly with changing diapers, feeding schedules, chasing around toddlers, and potty training that I often find exercise time getting replaced.   I truly love to wake up early and fit my workouts in, but that has been getting tough with teething babies up at all hours of the night.  Some days I really ponder – how can I fit a good work out in and still keep the kids happy and entertained? This question led me to design a new routine every Monday morning on my Instagram handle that would serve this dual purpose – the kids can play on the playground and I sneak in a quick, total body workout. These workout routines can be adapted to any workout level- beginner to advanced. In fact, playground circuit workouts have become one of my personal favorite weekend morning routines… with or without the kids! I usually pass a few parks during my run route; sometimes I stop for a quick strength circuit at each one. It’s become a fun way to add in some strength intervals during my cardio running fix. With or without the kiddies, these circuits are a great FREE way to get your workout on!  


Holistic Fit Fam’s Mommy Playground Workout…
I have a fun circuit here comprised of four exercises each. This circuit should take about 5 minutes to complete (perform 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 rounds based on your time and/or your kids’ activity level!). Because these exercises are body-weight resistance most of them can be made harder or easier by following one of the two following concepts:
Number 1The more parallel your body is to the ground, the more difficult the exercise becomes. 
Number 2: You can vary resistance by increasing or decreasing the percentage of body weight you are moving. 
Note:  Set a timer on your watch or smart phone and perform each exercise for a minute each, before moving onto the next exercise.

?Upright body rows (use any type of playground equipment and work to stay mid-line on the rows)
?Decline push-ups with rotating arm lifts
?Decline sit-ups (do regular if desired)

Now it’s your turn!  I want to see your playground selfies after your playground circuit!  Tag me on Instagram for a chance to be featured in my next playground circuit workout video!

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