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Are you looking to Train for an upcoming running race but just can NOT find the Time?  Maybe you are a new mom and your baby is still too small for a jogging stroller. Or maybe you are a busy working professional maxed out on your overtime.  Let me help you train for your next running race SMARTER to save precious time on your run training with my EBook, Time Management Tips for Runners™.

Reserve your copy today of my EBook by clicking the link below.  Your copy will automatically be sent directly to your inbox.   Since this book was created based on my own clients’ feedback, I would love to hear your feedback!  This is the PERFECT holiday gift for all your friends, family, and clients!

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What Others are Saying about This Book and Training Module:

This Ebook was amazing!!! A lot of content and pictures. Love the table of contents! Love the slide you use. Love the fruit weights and vegetables shoes, attention getter. Assembled real nice. Five stars.
-April Turner

So much valuable content in one place.  I truly feel motivated to be able to get my runs in now on top of my already jammed packed schedule.  Thank you, Lauren, for the knowledge and motivation!
– Cassidy Lewes

As a newbie runner, this book gave me the starting plans I need to get started, stay motivated, and finish my first 5 K.
– Daryl Scoote

The book is fantastic. You also know you are taking time management advice from someone who has to be a pro at it-Lauren–she is the mother of 2 girls, wife, & works full-time but still makes eating well and running a priority. It’s nice to get tips from someone who has proven they have worked in their own life.
– Alison Minerva