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Compression Socks While Marathon Training

Disclaimer: I received Legend Compression Performance Socks as part of being a Legend Compression Ambassador. I received product for this sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

Have you ever worn compression socks while marathon training?  Do you run in them, or use compression mostly for recovery?

I have several pairs of compression socks because I find that they prevent my legs from throbbing and getting swollen during my longer marathon training runs.  And after a tough sprint workout at the track, there’s nothing better than slipping on a pair of compression socks under my dress pants to allow my legs to feel great all day long while at work.

That’s why I was thrilled when Legend Compression Wear provided the opportunity to try their Legend Compression Performance Socks, in aqua blue.  Keep scrolling to hear about why I use compression socks while marathon training,  and my own experience wearing these socks. You will also be able to score a pair of compression socks for 15% off–wow!  And I hear they also make great stocking stuffers for all the runners in your family this holiday season.

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The Benefits of Wearing Compression Socks While Marathon Training

Using compression has so many great benefits for distance runners both on the roads and the trails including:

  • Helping to protect your legs.  Compression socks and sleeves will protect your legs from small scratches, abrasions, tree branches, and other trail hazards.  They will also help protect your legs from harsh elements like sun, rain, sleet, and snow on the roads.  Plus if you happen to take a spill on the road, at least your legs are protected!
  • Helping to reduce limit leg swelling while running. Compression socks restrict all the tiny blood vessels in your legs to prevent blood from pooling and thus, your legs from swelling.  As a former ICU nurse, I swore by compression stockings to prevent my legs from swelling after a 12 hour shift.  That same concept applies to running.  Compression socks prevent lactic acid buildup, leg discomfort, and swelling for distance runners who are on their feet for an extended period of time.
  • Looking fab!  As a marathon runner, when I feel confident and look great in my running gear, I usually perform at my best.  For me, I love wearing compression stocking with a cute running skirt. I tested out my super cool aqua Legend Compression Wear Socks during a recent long run with our local Moms Run this Town Running group.  My legs still had enough kick to leap for joy in these super cute and function socks, even after 10 miles!



Legend Compression Wear

Legend Compression has a wide range of compression products available, and not just for athletes but for everyday use.  The Performance Socks work great for runners, triathletes, cyclists, and all those Crossfit athletes out there!  All products are manufactured in the United States.

Cool Features and Benefits:

  • Increased oxygen levels and blood circulation
  • Compression Performance socks for all sports
  • Greater power output
  • Enhanced Endurance
  • Faster Muscle Warm Up Pre-exercise
  • Reduction of lactic acid
  • Improve muscle support and injury prevention
  • UV protection
  • Moisture wicking
  • Achilles and arch support 
  • Open ventilation and breathable design for comfort

My Experience

I’ve been wearing the Legend Compression Performance Socks for about 4 weeks now and I am a big fan. They’re easy to put on because they are a bit thicker than other compression socks, making them really comfortable.  I have been wearing them on my long runs and loving how my legs are feeling after some grueling marathon training runs.  I have also been slipping my compression socks on under my dress pants at work to aid in recovery and have noticed that I have not been getting leg cramps as frequently mid-day…bonus!  I also plan to wear my aqua blues during the Philly marathon, which is just 2 weeks away!

Compression Socks While Marathon Training
Compression Socks While Marathon Training

Get 15% Off Legend Compression Wear!

Legend Compression Performance Socks are both functional and comfortable, and have done a great job of preventing my legs from getting sore –  extremely important right now as I’m training for the Philly marathon!  If you are a distance runner, or think you could benefit from some consistent compression during or after your workouts, then I would highly recommend giving these socks a try!

If you’d like to buy Legend Compression Performance Socks, use code ambfriend2016  at checkout to score 15% off!  Let me know what you think!

Do you wear compression clothing during or after your workouts?  Have you noticed any benefits? 

3 Signs You Need Probiotics

Just Thrive has provided product for this review. No monetary compensation was provided. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you ever walked into a health store and felt completely overwhelmed with the number of health and fitness supplements on the market?  I recently went into a local GNC store to buy some BCAA powder and found myself feeling anxious and overwhelmed by various brands on the market.  As a health and running coach, I have always preached the importance of opting for whole foods and optimizing your macros before supplementation.   I have seen so many of my clients spend too much money, time, and effort on supplementation that they could have gotten from eating a balanced diet.  And while I am not quite sure there are any miracle workers on today’s market to boost health and nutrition, I do see the benefits of adding probiotic supplementation into your daily regiment.

I recently had the opportunity to test out and review Just Thrive probiotics.  Probiotics are tiny organisms that reside in our intestines. They are good bacteria that keep harmful bacteria in check, aid in proper digestion and nutrient absorption, and contribute to immune function. Probiotics have been researched extensively, and have been shown to help with an array of conditions ranging from asthma and allergies, from skin disorders, to urinary tract infections. The probiotic bacteria also crowd out harmful bacteria, which lowers your body’s risk of infection, inflammation and disease.

3 Signs You Need Probiotics

Just Thrive Probiotic & Antioxidant is a daily supplement that introduces gut-healthy bacteria back into your GI system to restore its natural pH balance.  Just Thrive Probiotic includes a strain Bacillus indicus strain of bacteria that helps boost the immune system and reduce inflammation in the body. This strain also produces antioxidants, which help reduce free radicals in the body that can otherwise cause damage to our cells.   Just Thrive is the only product that contains both a probiotic strain AND is a source of antioxidants.

Here are 3 signs that need probiotics:


If you are suffering from poor digestion, or if your GI tract has not been functioning correctly, you should consider using a probiotic supplement. Often times the simple addition of these healthy bacteria can minimize symptoms, and no further treatment is needed. Research has shown probiotics to be helpful for diarrhea, gas, inflammatory bowel disease, and even Crohn’s.

Aim to improve your diet first, eliminating hard-to-digest foods such as processed, packaged, and fried foods, and dairy, gluten, and soy. If your condition is still occurring, then you know it is time to bring in probiotics.


If you suffer from acne, eczema, rashes, hives, or psoriasis, it could be due to an imbalance in your gut bacteria. Start using probiotics while also cleaning up your diet.

If your skin does not clear from diet and probiotics alone, you may consider using digestive aids such as HCL and enzymes, and agents to heal the intestinal lining (glutamine and aloe).


Research has shown promise in the effects of probiotics in reducing asthma symptoms, as well as reducing the need for asthma medication.  Probiotics may also be helpful in reducing allergies, and especially food allergies. Most often the root cause of food allergies is a leaky gut, which can be improved by proper flora levels in the gut. Studies indicate that children with healthier gut flora have a reduced risk of developing allergies and asthma.

As a mom of one child with asthma and another child with eczema, I have already started incorporating probiotic supplementation for both of my children with Just Thrive.  I hope you love the product just as much as we do!

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This post is in collaboration with Silver Fern.  All opinions and ideas are my own.

Protein Pancakes

My girls have been asking me to make pancakes for breakfast for quite some time, so when an opportunity became available to try out a new brand of protein pancake mix, I was all in!  I love making healthy homemade pancakes, but most mornings, I just don’t have the time to make homemade pancakes that are both quick and healthy.  As a running and health coach, I strive to give my kids healthy options at mealtimes but breakfast is a meal I struggle with prepping for my kids. And some days, I resort to pouring cereal with milk or toast with fruit for my girls, which results in a meal completely lacking protein.

So I was thrilled when I found a new protein pancake mix from Silver Fern Brand Paka Baking Mixes, and I couldn’t wait to test these protein pancakes out on my family vacation at the beach.  I was also thrilled to learn that Silver Fern’s protein pancake mix has only 13 net carbs and is packed with 16 grams of protein and 11 grams of fiber– these pancakes will keep you and your family full and energized throughout your busy mornings at work or at the beach. This pancake mix also has no added sugar, which is an added bonus in my book.  And as far as prep work goes, literally all you need is an egg and some water to get prep these moist and delicious puffy protein pancakes.  Because who has time in the mornings to prep a nutrient dense meal that the family will eat?  Not this busy momma!

Protein Pancakes


  • Skillet or Pan
  • ½ Cup Water
  • 1 Large Egg
  • 1 Cup Pancake Mix
  • 1 Large BananaProtein Pancakes


  1. Preheat Skillet to 350 degrees.
  2. Mash the banana in a medium bowl.  In another small bowl combine all ingredients and mix in the banana.
  3. Once batter is mixed, pour to make pancakes.
  4. Allow to cook till golden brown, flip and complete cooking when other side is golden brown
  5. Remove from skillet and serve hot.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 till batter is gone.
  7. Serve with some extra banana slices and chocolate protein pancakes, scattering of blueberries, and a drizzle of pure maple syrup. Enjoy!Protein Pancakes Protein Pancakes

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Do you enjoy pancakes in the morning?  Have you ever made protein pancakes?  I would love to hear all about it in the comments below!

This post is in collaboration with Bob’s Red Mill and Fit Approach. All opinions and ideas are my own #SummerStrong #BobsRedMill #SweatPink @BobsRedMill @FitApproach

Summer Smoothie Bowls

Summer smoothie bowls seem to be the hype of the summer, and I am embarrassed to say, that up until today- I had never had one! But on warm summer days when I don’t feel like cooking anything for myself, a summer smoothie bowl sounds like a pretty fantastic option. And if you think a smoothie bowl is just a smoothie-in-a-bowl– then you are in for a REAL treat!

Summer Smoothie Bowls

Summer smoothie bowls are so packed to the gills with nutrient dense yumminess that there is no way you will be able to resist adding these to your summer line up.  If you already love smoothies as a post-run refuel or a healthy snack for your kids, then you are going to love the concept of the smoothie bowl.

The Smoothie bowl recipe I am going to share today is extra special because it is super yummy and it is packed with protein, probiotics and fiber from the Bob’s Red Mill Protein Powder Nutritional Booster. This booster will also help keep you full longer. I literally plan on indulging on these summer smoothie bowls at LEAST once a week for the summer.  And I also have a bit of a mom confession-  these summer smoothies will be a stable in our household all year long!

When researching the hype of the smoothie bowl, I found that most smoothie bowls consist of the following ingredients:

  • Flax seeds
  • Chia seeds
  • Granola
  • Chopped nuts
  • Oats
  • Fruit (to sweeten)
  • Coconut Water or Almond Milk (to thin)
  • Protein Powder
  • Spinach (to give a green hue)

If you are new to summer smoothie bowls, then your biggest takeaway point is that anything goes.  These ingredients above are those that help make the smoothie bowl more like a meal. For this recipe I kept it simple but gave it a chocolate twist:

Chocolate Hazelnut Smoothie Bowl

Notes: I made this with Bobs Red Mill protein powder, but any brand of vegan chocolate flavored protein powder will do. This will make two rich and creamy smoothie bowls.

Summer Smoothie Bowl

Summer Smoothie Bowl

Summer Smoothie Bowl


  1. 2 tablespoons of chocolate protein powder- I used Bobs Red Mill Chocolate Protein Powder Nutritional Booster
  2. 1 tablespoon raw cacao raw cacao
  3. 1/2 cup hazelnuts
  4. 1 1/2 bananas
  5. 1 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk or water
  6. 1/4 teaspoon sea salt


  1. Combine all of your smoothie ingredients in a blender and whiz until smooth!
  2. Pour the smoothie mixture into two bowls and top with garnishes below.


Garnish options:

sliced bananas more crushed hazelnuts more sea salt freshly shaved coconut

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There you have it my friends– my first summer smoothie bowl recipe.  Be sure to check out Bob’s Red Mill Protein Powder Nutritional Booster  in 4 different yummy flavors, Chocolate, Original, Chai and Vanilla. I have thoroughly enjoyed this product and will continue to use it.

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What are your favorite smoothie bowl toppings?

Would you like to win a 1 pound bag of this yummy protein powder in your flavor of choice: Vanilla, Chocolate, Chai, or Protein & Fiber? You can check out the entire line <Here> and enter for a chance to win below:

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Fun Food For Picky Eaters

Can any parents relate to getting fed up with baking chicken nuggets and toasting waffles as backups to every meal? I recently quit making backup meals.  Like cold turkey quit.  I cleaned out my pantry over the weekend and threw out every sugary gummy bear and every gluten loaded snack.  With 2 toddlers in tow, meal times in our household can sometimes be quite a challenge.  And while my inner critic thinks my toddlers just do not care for vegetables, and I should just give into the “easy” way out of artificial sweeteners and GMO additives, I have come to realize that my kids are not predisposed to completely reject healthy food.  The problem is me, Mom, and those nutrient-empty convenience foods that I am serving my kids that are shaping their taste buds for the future.  And while there is totally a no-judgement zone in my viewpoint in how we as parents feed our kids, I had a moment of clarity this past weekend (for me) when my oldest daughter told my youngest that gummy bears are better for her than real fruit.  As a mom of fiesty toddler girls, I do not want to start bad habits that will last into adulthood with my girls and their eating habits. And every time I reinforce their picky eating habits, I am setting myself up for another battle at the next mealtime.  That’s why I was thrilled to find a fun finger food for my picky eaters in the baby food aisle at my local Target over the weekend–Gerbers Lil Beanies.

Check out my Gerber’s Lil’ Beanies Review Here

Fun Food For Picky Eaters

These healthy snack options actually look like cheese puffs, but are made from beans. And they have 2 grams of protein per serving, which is AMAZING that my kids think they’re getting cheese puffs, but I know they’re getting a healthier version.  They come in 2 yummy flavors:

Fun Food for Picky Eaters

Gerber Lil’ Beanies In Original


Gerber Lil’ Beanies In White Cheddar & Broccoli

How how can you turn your pickiest of eaters into an adventurous eater?–Consistency! It is extremely beneficial for kids (and toddlers especially) to be exposed to a variety of foods consistently—and when they’re really hungry. Even the greenest of veggies may go down easily if the time is right. Then, when broccoli appears again, your kids recall that it didn’t taste so bad. For me, I sneak veggies into fun finger foods for my picky eaters.  That’s another reason why I am loving the Gerber Lil’ Beanies in White Cheddar & Broccoli.  Here are 3 more strategies below that are working in our house for our picky toddler eaters:

  • Be Firm, Love, & Eat

Repeat after me: You are in charge. You (or your hubby) buy the groceries. You make meals. Still think you can’t stick to your guns when your little one has a meltdown at dinner? Start like I did with small changes:  no short-order cooking.

Fun Food for Picky Eaters

Be firm mommas– even if it leads to a few many meltdowns.  How will kids get exposed to new foods if you keep cooking chicken nuggets for them? Scientific studies have shown that children learn by copying their parents’ eating behaviors. If you want your kids to eat a wide range of wholesome foods, then serve them what you’re eating (and make sure there’s a vegetable on your plate!).  An accepting and positive mealtime atmosphere leads to greater food consumption in children, while negative vibes do just the opposite.  Plus it can take over twenty exposures to a new food for a child to finally accept it.

  • Don’t Keep Junk in the House

Do your kids snatch their favorite chips or gummies from the pantry when they doesn’t like the veggie quinoa you put on their plate? First, clean out your pantry with junk food.  Second, don’t buy the junk food. Third, don’t eat junk food in front on your kids.  It’s our job as parents to buy quality food and it’s our kids job to decide if they want to eat or not.

Fun Food for Picky Eaters

  • Keep it Simple

 Creating an adventurous eater is a lot easier when you serve simple and fresh food. Kids can relate to real food that is simple and ripe. Let your child experiment with biting into a fresh mango or dipping fresh pepper slices in hummus.  When all else fails, lead by example.  Bring your kids to the farmers market to shop for fresh fruits and veggies.  Let your kids help with your weekend meal prep.  Or check out your local Target today to pick up a healthy and fun finger food alternative for picky eaters:

Gerber Lil’ Beanies In Original


Gerber Lil’ Beanies In White Cheddar & Broccoli

Fun Food for Picky Eaters

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Orange Crush Smoothie

*I received products for this post but all opinions and thoughts are my own.

The temperature was hot and humid at the beach this weekend and after sweating and depleting my electrolyte stores, I was looking for something to help me recover and cool me down. This Orange Crush protein smoothie did the trick for me after a long run at the beach yesterday. This orange crush smoothie is high in Vitamin C and a great source of protein and fiber. It’s also gluten free and vegan- score!

I love spending the weekends outdoors enjoying the sunshine and pre-summer heat. It was a perfect time for me to try one of Bob’s Red Mill smoothie blends. Perfect for post recovery runs and a hot pre-summer day.

As a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I am all about promoting healthy living and lifestyle and connecting with real brands that promote genuine, whole ingredients. So when Bob’s Red Mill reached out to try out their new smoothie line, I was all on board.  I love their baking flours, granolas, and cereals, so I was pretty thrilled to try out their smoothie supplement line, as part of the #summerstrong campaign with FitApproach and Bob’s Red Mill.


All of these blends above are made from pea protein powder, chicory root fiber, chia seeds, and beneficial probiotics. The Vanilla, Chai, and Chocolate have monk fruit extract for a touch of sweetness. As an added bonus, all of these supplements are gluten free, vegan, and high in protein and fiber.
Snag Bob’s Red Mill coupons here.
Shall we get on to the good part?
Orange Crush Smoothie
Orange Crush Smoothie


This smoothie is an excellent source of protein and fiber, Vitamin C, and omega- 3.  I modified this recipe from the Tropical Breeze Smoothie recipe on recipe cards that I received with my #summerstrong promo package.

orange crush smoothie


  • 1/3 cup Vanilla Protein Powder Nutritional Booster
  • 1/2 cup Almond Milk
  • 3/4 cup of Orange Juice
  • 1/2 cup Mango Chunks (fresh or frozen)
  • 1/2 cup Pineapple Chunks (fresh or frozen)
  • 1/2 cup Crushed Ice
  • 1/2 cup freshly shaved coconut (Optional)

orange crush smoothie


Combine all your ingredients in a blender and voila! You have a cooling and summer ready smoothie that is tasty and ready to cool you down.

Adapted from Bob’s Red Mill

orange crush smoothie

I hope you enjoy this smoothie!  I am linking this post up with Deb over at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Sarah over at A Whisk and Two Wands for Meatless Monday, along with Running on Happy & The Fit Foodie Mama for Meatless Monday.  I am also linking up with Angela over at Marathons & Motivation and Ilka at for their Savory Sunday link up. I hope you enjoy!

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Summer Smoothie

As hard as it is to believe after bundling up all winter, warmer weather is finally here!  And before you know it, summer will be here, and many of us will spend some time lounging on the beach and soaking in the sunshine.  My family actually spent last weekend down in Dewey Beach, Delaware getting my parents’ summer house “beach ready,” and it definitely put me in “summer mode.”  One of my favorite things to make for myself and my girlies during the warmer spring and summer months are smoothies, or as my girls call them– summer smoothies. I love packing tons of healthy ingredients into my Vitamix and then drinking a smoothie as I train clients, or sipping on a smoothie as I recover after a long run training session. The other thing I love about smoothies is that you can add protein to them to turn them into a meal replacement shake or an optimal recovery drink…yum!  In fact, I was given the opportunity to review Amazing Grass Protein Superfood Powder through my partnership with Fit Approach. I received the product, compensation and discount code in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions are my own!

It’s no secret that I am a huge peanut butter and chocolate fan, so when I noticed there was a chocolate peanut butter protein powder from Amazing Grass, I jumped at the opportunity. I am in love with this new protein powder superfood blend by Amazing Grass!  I’ve been a fan of Amazing Grass for a long time now. Their greens are one of my favs and I ALWAYS recommend them to my running clients.  Now I have the chance to score my greens and my protein powders all in one place and you all can click HERE to save $30 on your next order (valid through May 31, 2016).

If you aren’t a fan of chocolate and peanut butter, don’t worry. Amazing Grass also has Original and Pure Vanilla Flavor. This protein powder is a complete plant-based protein including: organic chia, organic hemp, organic quinoa, & organic pea. It is also packed with greens, fruits, & veggies, including: organic grasses, organic acai & goji, organic pineapple, organic sweet potato, & more! I have to admit, I loved sneaking some of these superfood ingredients into my picky toddler and threenager!

Summer Smoothie

I also tried out multiple new recipes to add to my collection of summer smoothies with my new Amazing Grass protein powder.  I especially loved adding in a scoop of nut butter, like peanut butter or almond butter to increase the creaminess and the texture of the smoothie.Summer Smoothie
And who doesn’t love a good banana in their smoothie, right?  For a summer smoothie that needs to be sweeter, try adding an over-ripe banana (sliced and frozen), maple syrup, honey, stevia or agave.

Marathon Training Playlists

Last summer, I posted my marathon training playlists for some of my runs.  That post was all about tailoring playlists based on running cadence, and how music can completely change runners’ energy levels and overall mood.  I had organized my running playlists for sprint training and endurance runs by beats per minute and pace, and then picked them out strategically and created separate playlists….it was the perfect motivation for marathon training!  

When I did my sprint intervals to that exact playlist, my times and pace were on point, but I did find the organization of future playlists to be time-consuming and a bit tedious at times. I found myself just listening to my go-to to Pandora or podcasts for my long runs because I just did NOT feel like taking an extra 30-40 minutes to organize a separate distance run playlist.  I guess it was just something that was not a big enough priority for me!    

Then, recently I was approached on Instagram by an app company called Spring Moves.  Spring Moves is a rhythm based music service full of workout songs for running, walking, road biking and even sprint intervals, which are all based on rhythm and cadence.  

Spring Moves App

As a certified running coach and avid marathon runner, I love learning more about any running tool that is based on valid research and will help my running clients train smarter, and Spring Moves bases on a term called musical dissociation.  In fact, when I dived deeper and did some further research on Spring Moves, I learned some cool facts: 

  • Your body uses less oxygen when you sync your steps with rhythm improving your running stride, attributing to better performance and increased stamina
  • Studies show that listening to music while you work out can reduce fatigue, increase energy, improve performance under pressure, and even boost brain activity!

I found these stats particularly interesting and pretty true, at least in my training.  I swear I run faster when listening to faster beats and it’s especially helpful during speed, fartlek, and tempo runs!

Over the last 2 months, I have been testing out the app, in lieu of my normal marathon training playlists, and really enjoy being able to not only pick a beat to run to but also genres of music that I want to listen to.  Plus the customized music playlists have kept me motivated (and distracted) for my long runs!

Marathon Training Playlists

When it comes to apps, the best comparison I can think of is Pandora, except you can pick several genres of music instead of just one and at the end of your workout, you can rate the song to either play less, neutral, or play more…which is pretty convenient!

There is also a GPS feature so it will track your run, announce as you hit each mile and keep a log of all your activity! I def utilized the GPS during a few stroller runs with my girls and our local Moms Run This Town group runs!


Marathon Training Playlists


Once you have completed your workout, you also get a sort of virtual “pat on the back” with some praise and a fun song…may sound silly but it’s really satisfying especially after a tough tempo run! 

Marathon Training Playlists



So far, I have really enjoy my experience with Spring Moves.  I must say that having different marathon training playlists that allow me to adjust my running to the beat has definitely helped to increase my marathon miles, especially when I felt like I was dragging! In fact, there were moments when a certain song came on and it energized me and even inspired me to increase my pace ever so slightly to the beat of the music…kind of my own personal trainer of sorts!

You can download a free version which allows you to try out the app for a certain number of hours for free until it prompts you to upgrade for $3.99 a month.  That can be extended by referring friends and checking out the latest spring deal when you subscribe to the Spring Moves App.

Spring Moves has enabled me to run longer and really get in all my long runs without really hitting the wall in my training runs.  I plan to utilize this app this weekend for my upcoming marathon and cannot wait to have a perfectly tailored playlist for all 26.2 miles!!  Now excuse me while I go get my run on!! 


Prana Style

When you know you have cute workout clothes laid out and ready to go, are you more likely to hop out of bed in the morning?  This momma is, especially at 4 AM, before the rest of the world (and my kids) wake up.  After all, I need something to look forward to at the crack of dawn, right?!  Prana’s unique style has a way of combining fashion and comfort into super cute yoga pants and stylish tops.  

I had the opportunity last month to network with some other awesome Sweat Pink bloggers to receive a few items from prAna‘s spring catalog for the #7DayStretch challenge.  If you missed the yoga challenge, scroll back on my Instagram handle to check out some cool yoga poses and namaste!!  

I was first introduced to prAna when I started practicing Bikram yoga about 7 years ago.  I fell in love with Prana’s style almost instantaneously.  I absolutely love how their yoga tops, capris, and leggings mold to my body without actually sticking to me in the heated yoga room.  Plus their clothes are super cute, versatile, and comfy, especially for active moms like myself.  

What I also love about prAna’s style is that their spring line gives me that confident edge that I want to be a strong role model to my girls every single day; soft, feminine and stylish with a little hippie rock star edge.

PrAna creates versatile, stylish, yet sustainable clothing and accessories that you can wear during your everyday errands, fitness activities, and even dress up for a lunch or dinner date.  I love that I can go for an early morning run, then take a yoga class, and even hit the grocery store on the way home all while wearing the same pair of pants!  If only they could watch my kids so I could grab a quick shower, I would be on Cloud 9!  

The designers at PrAna love to focus on important little details, and aren’t afraid to go crazy bold when it comes to colors and cool patterns.  PrAna has SUPER cute prints for their pants (which are all the hype now) and their tops have VERY cute backs. You will basically want to snap a selfie every single time you wear their clothing!  I found the quality of the material to be sturdy and I didn’t have any problems with a lot of “see through” areas.

prana style


In addition to being a really cool company, they sure do make a great product. But I have to be honest, their pants are pricey… $89 for a pair of yoga pants. ..omg!! But once my pair of black Britta yoga pants showed up in the mail and I slipped them on, I was totally sold.  The quality of the fabric is top-notch, their pants are super comfy, and my hubby even commented that my “womanly figure” looked nice in PrAna pants!  

So if you are going to spend a little extra on yourself, I think these pants should be on the top of your list. I totally understand why many become such huge fans on prAna products. Within a couple of days I was already looking at their website to see what I needed to order next!

And……here’s a coupon code to get you started for 15% off…BONUS!


This coupon expires on March 30th, so happy shopping in prana style.

PrAna style


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by prAna. I did receive a pair of yoga pants through SweatPink for review purposes. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

Be Fit All Year

We’ve all heard it multiple times: “summer bodies are made in the winter.” Still, it can be difficult to stay motivated to keep up on exercise routines and healthy eating during the winter months. The list of excuses not to train through the winter seems to get pretty lengthy: it’s too cold, too dark, we feel too tired, too sick, etc.  These excuses make it all too easy to ditch our training session just once, then twice, and then before we know it, we’re in a rut and complaining about the appearance of those extra lbs!  Some may argue that it’s quite impossible to be fit all year-long.  

As a fitness and running coach, I strive every winter to stay on track with my fitness goals – but it definitely gets TOUGH through the cold, dark winter months. That’s why I was thrilled to try out BeFit’s three new nutritional products (a pre-workout powder, Whey protein, and a pre-meal Burn formula), along with a 30 day workout plan to incorporate into my fitness regimen.  I did receive compensation for this review, as well as free product to try, but the opinions are my own. I am always open to testing out and trying new products, and the best part (if you scroll all the way till the end) is I have the entire 3 piece supplement line to giveaway to one lucky reader ($120 value)…bonus!  Below is my honest review on the nutritional products, and workout videos…so keep scrolling down if you want to learn how to be fit all year!

Be Fit All Year
Be Fit All Year

As a busy mom and marathon runner myself, I am always looking for new, creative ways to get in my workouts quickly and effectively.  With toddlers always in tow, I don’t have time for extra “fluff.”  So I was really intrigued when I checked out Be Fit’s 30 Day Fat Burn Introduction video and learned that their program consisted of 10 workouts, each being only 10 minutes long.  The videos had me hooked as soon as I saw that each workout was just 10 minutes in duration, but it also seemed quite effective that each video was designed to target a specific body area from abs, to arms, to thighs, butt, chest, legs, and back. Trainers Astrid McGuire and Danielle Pascente provide motivational, step-by-step instruction on each highly effective move to ensure correct form and maximize results. So naturally, these ladies had me totally pumped up and ready for the challenge.

be fit all year


As a marathon runner, I am always looking at different ways to cross-train to gain more strength and endurance, and Be Fit’s 30 day workout calendar looked like a smart way to supplement my running training.  

Click here for the 30 Day Fat Burn Playlist:

Click here to download the Free 30 Day Fat Burn Workout Plan Calendar:

The cool thing about this workout program is that you can find all 10 BeFit workout videos free on Youtube, and each workout is fun and challenging!  Just when I noticed that the workouts were getting pretty challenging, I was already more than halfway through them…big time BONUS! I definitely think this workout program is great for runners looking to cross-train through the winter, but also a great way to build a fitness foundation for any exercise beginner out there as well.  The other cool thing is that each move can be modified based on your fitness level, prior injuries, or pregnancy.  The workout videos also appeal to the busy working professionals and parents out there that don’t have a lot of extra time to dedicate to their workouts.  No extras, no fluff, no excuses!

Although Day 1’s instructions said to start out with Dynamic Strength, I was really itching to try out Day 2’s Cardio Extreme, so I decided to just flip-flop the day (as a disclaimer, I have never been one to really follow directions).  Plus as a runner, I am a bit of a cardio junkie, and I was not disappointed with Cardio Extreme.  This workout did require a light set of dumbbells and consisted of 7 high intensity exercises, such as squat to press kicks, lunge and rows, alternating lunges (my nemesis) with lateral raises, a tree pose with a hammer curl, and the list goes on.  Ever since day 1, I have been keeping this workout in my back pocket on days where I feel like a need a good cardio boost or just a quick sweat.  This is definitely one of those functional workouts that definitely makes you literally feel the burn the next day.   

Total body shred and metabolic booster were also some of my favorite BeFit workouts.  I also loved adding in lower body blast and toned abs and arms on my run days as a quick strength session to pair with a run.

So lets shift gears real quick and talk about nutrition.  Because fueling your tank is really crucial to any training program. I know first hand that feeling of over-training and seeing ZERO results…because just 10 years ago, my nutrition was all out of whack.  I lived on diet soda, and bought anything and everything at the grocery store that was labeled “sugar-free.”  I was overweight, unhappy, and fatigued all the time.  I ran marathons, but never ever felt good about my body.  

If you have a copy of my newest Ebook, then you already know my health and nutrition journey, but it was not until I started studying for my masters degree in Holistic Health that I started to truly educate myself on the importance of opting for clean ingredients and focusing on fueling my body properly and consistently with wholesome foods.

be fit all year

And the nutritional component of BeFit’s newest products really sold me on their campaign.  In addition to the workouts, I had the opportunity to test out a 30 day supply of BeFit Burn, BeFit Whey, and BeFit Pre.

  1. Be Fit Burn:  This is a vegan, GMO-free, and gluten-free fat burner that enhances the metabolic breakdown process crucial for burning fat.  The concept of this supplement is to help the body create heat, or thermogenesis, which helps boosts the body metabolize, or burn fat.  There are also pre and probiotics to help promote healthy digestion to your gut with each dose.  While I have nothing bad to say about it, the ingredients list looks fine to me, I just don’t personally take thermogenics or fat burners currently so this is not an item that meets my current needs, however if you are just starting out in your weight loss of fitness journey and looking to get a bit leaner this would be helpful. It is a dual-action fat burner that naturally enhances the metabolic processes important for fat burning and storage, without the jitters.
  2. Be Fit Whey: this protein powder is a great mix of whey, isolate and casein which is a mix of slow and fast digesting protein which can be had at any time of day. The protein flavor is vanilla, which makes it a great base to add my favorite fruits to or a scoop of almond or natural peanut butter, or even PB2 powder.  
  3. Be Fit Pre-Workout (fruit punch flavor):  I like using a pre-workout to help me get a bit more energy in my workout especially since I work out in the morning super early before work. I like that this pre-workout is not overly sweet and it is sugar and gluten-free.  This pre-workout formula did NOT give me a huge surge of energy, or that crash and burn feeling that I sometimes feel after a cup of coffee.  I think this would also be  a great alternative to caffeine for those exercise enthusiasts who are caffeine sensitive.  

And if you scrolled through until this point, it’s your lucky day because you have a chance to score BeFit’s Fitness and Supplement Prize Pack ($120 value).  Enter below for your chance to win!  Also stay tuned to my IG profile this upcoming week for another way to win!  I will announce a winner this Sunday, March 6 around 12 PM EST.  Best of luck!  

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