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So by now it’s no secret that I like to pound the pavement.  Running is such a great physical and mental workout for me.  It definitely boosts my metabolism, and I can release the stress of my day.  I have been slowly building up my mileage after having a baby almost a year ago (wow, time flies!), and I am finally averaging about 10-14 miles for long runs.  As I get older, I find myself really paying more attention to my body–  that tiny pain in my foot, or spasm down my hip flexor while running could lead to a major injury if I don’t train smart.  In my twenties I would just push through the pain, in order to log an extra mile, and although I am still stubborn, I am more in tune with my body NOW, than I was in my running career 10 years ago.

Brynny and mommy

I absolutely love to cross-train from running with bikram yoga.  My body absolutely craves the heat, humidity.  I especially love how bikram trains your mind to pay attention to your breath, which forces your mind to cut out the distraction and stay in the present moment.  The one challenging aspect is that the class duration is 90 minutes. And with 2 littles at home, along with full time nursing and fitness careers, I have found myself struggling to find the time to practice bikram yoga.  I hope to someday make a class (or 2!), but for now, home workouts have been a life saver for me to get a quick 30 minute workout in once the kiddos are sleeping.

my tribemarathon-michelle-and-lauren

I discovered Piyo after become a Beachbody coach, and decided to test out the workouts, so I could tell my clients what all the hype was about. I was instantly hooked the second I pressed play.  I love the flow of piyo–  it starts with moving your body in such a way to generate heat, then it flows with moves to really stretch and strengthen your body.  It is a low impact, high intensity workout, that uses your own body to sculpt and shred.  The compound muscle movements of piyo engage multiple muscle groups at the same time, while keeping your body in constant motion. You gain strength, cardio, and flexibility training all in one program. The other great aspect of Piyo is that my toddler loves rolling out her mat with mommy and following along, so it becomes a fun activity to do with my girls.  I even was able to modify the piyo workouts throughout most of my pregnancy with my second baby girl.  I even did a quick Piyo Sweat session the same day I delivered!

preggo piyo

With the summer months upon us, it is so easy to over-train.  I know I would run every single day in the summer if my body let me!   I preach Piyo to my running clients as a safe and effective way to cross-train from running.  I love Piyo so much that I am hosting round 3 of my Piyo bootcamp starting this week.  If you are looking for a low impact method to cross-train from your current workout regiment and you want to give piyo a try, then feel free to leave a comment with your email below and I will add you to our Piyo Party!